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Does the color difference of pv modules affect life and power generation?

First, why component color is inconsistent

In fact, the color of solar cells is mainly affected by cashmere.

Red film is mainly due to the lower amount of cashmere corrosion caused. If the amount of cashmere corrosion less than 3, then the damaged layer of silicon will not be removed thoroughly, resulting in the overall color of the PE coating will be red.

The so-called flower pieces, it is due to the high amount of corrosion caused by the velvet, under normal circumstances, the amount of corrosive higher than 4.5, the silicon is equivalent to the polished, coated after the battery shiny, grain boundaries More obvious.

For the yin and yang slices, can be divided into the following two situations, one immersion situation, the second is the amount of corrosion between the way deviation.

Immersion problem is produced in the production process, by the level of the front and rear wheel and the front baffle effect, the wafer into the flume, the liquid chemical contact with the wafer there is a difference. So the first contact with the liquid silicon area corrosion is bound to be higher than the area after contact with the liquid. Corrosion amount of the difference will inevitably lead to inconsistencies in the effect of surface silicon wafer, PE coating will produce a certain color difference. In order to ensure the liquid immersion effect, the need to adjust the flannel wheel and the baffle.

The common color deviation is polycrystalline silicon cells, polycrystalline silicon cells, dark blue is the most common color, single crystal silicon is black.

Through the process adjustment, the color deviation problem can be effectively solved.

Second, qualified PV modules also have color

Because of the use of coated glass, as long as the use of coated glass is almost impossible to avoid this situation. The same batch of coated glass at the factory and when the material inspection can not see the difference, even after the components can not see it, only after the installation, at a specific point of view and light conditions can be found.

There is also a hydrophilic glass may be the problem, we test found that the use of different manufacturers of coated glass, different hydrophilic ability to encounter rain or fog, dew, the difference is quite big, so there is a component The color of the phenomenon. Under normal circumstances a slight color component is normal, but if there is a board a variety of colors is a product quality problems.

General photovoltaic products at the factory, each component undergo a rigorous test, can be assured of use.

Third, the color difference between power generation and life it?

The use of inconsistent photovoltaic arrays will affect the overall appearance, the customer psychologically unacceptable. The pure color difference of the PV modules will not affect the power generation and life span. The main factors that affect the power generation are flawed, such as cracked, but the color difference is only a technical problem, so it does not affect the power generation and lifetime of PV modules.